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Kelly Vision Center – An Overview

It is a very common occurrence for most people to have to use some sort of vision correction. Some people have problems with near sightedness while others are far sighted but both problems tend to need some type of aid to help the user see correctly. Most commonly glasses are worn to help the user see while others rely on contact lens. However there has been a recent rise in laser eye surgery to help correct vision. Many people, sick of wearing glasses and contacts, are turning to vision correction surgery to rid them of the dependence of eye wear.Check Kelly Vision Center

There are many different vision clinics with different types of laser eye surgeons. Before making a decision make sure you visit your intended eye surgery center and ask all the questions you need to so you can feel comfortable with your surgery and your surgeon. There is much laser eye surgery information available, but you want to make sure that the vision correction clinic you are going to has the options and type of surgery you are seeking. There are many different types of operations. Corneal onlays or inlays is a type of operations currently going through clinical trials. This procedure is very similar to implantable contact lenses but instead of going behind the eye they are more designed to fastened to the eye. This surgery takes place all within the cornea however unlike lasek surgery none of the cornea is removed. Uncommonly known by most people there is a difference between lasek surgery and lasik surgery.

With lasik a small incision is made on the surface of the eye and laser energy is used to basically reshape the eye. Lasek is another type of laser vision correction but with this type of surgery instead of a small incision a part of the eye is lifted off before the laser attempts to reshape the eye and after the part of the eye is replaced. Sometimes it will be determined which type of procedure you will undergo depending on the shape of your corneas and whether an incision can be made safely or not. Still some surgeons prefer one technique above all others and will mostly attempt one type of surgery. Lasik eyes seem to heal faster and most people have less complaints or discomfort when undergoing this procedure than lasek. Another more serious form of surgery is cataract eye surgery. Almost everyone has a cataract by the time they reach 75 years old, and cataracts can result in complete vision loss.

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