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Welding: Staying Safe From Fire and Using Fire Safety

Have you ever had a fire while you were at work? Most people have if they work in the welding business. Perhaps it was a small fire that you and/or your co-workers were able to contain. Hopefully you were not involved in a large fire while on the job welding.

The first thing you want to do to protect yourself from fire injury is to make sure you have all of your welding safety gear on. This includes your welding safety glasses, safety footwear and hard hat. If a fire suddenly shoots up into your face your eyes will be protected with your welding safety glasses. A hard hat will help to protect your skull. When a fire erupts near your feet your safety footwear will help to protect your feet from getting burned badly.CheckĀ How to become a good welder

If you notice your co-worker trying to put out a fire you must help him or her as soon as possible. Although everyone needs to help one another when it comes to safety in the workplace, when a fire erupts by a co-worker and he or she is getting burned, be extra careful as you do not want to become the second burn victim.

Fire extinguishers should be placed in all OSHA standard areas of your workplace. There should be MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) in designated areas of the workplace as well. These sheets will give information on the products that are used in your work area (and other areas of the workplace) which include the ingredients of any substances used on the job.

When you became an employee of your current job you most likely had to watch safety videos with regards to fires in the workplace. Your boss should have you review these videos from time to time to make sure you and your co-workers can prevent fires or fires from getting way out of hand.

No one wants to become a burn victim at work. Have you ever seen photos of burn victims? These folks are given surgery after surgery of skin grafts to help repair their burns. Most burns are never fully recovered in the scar department. Even worse is the pain one undergoes when burned in a fire. The skin bubbles up when layer upon layer is burnt and the fire leaves painful blisters. Patients are wrapped in gauze to protect the skin. The gauze has to be changed every so often per doctor’s orders and this is very painful as well.

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