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Keller Williams Realty Group – Things To Know

If you are buying a home, choosing a real estate agent may be the most important decision you make. A good real estate agent can help ensure that you are notified of homes that meet all your criteria. A good agent will also answer your questions and will walk you through the buying process, which is an invaluable service for first-time homebuyers. Despite all this, most buyers choose their agent in a completely haphazard way, simply falling into a relationship with the first real estate agent they encounter. A much better strategy is to do some sleuthing to uncover the agent who will truly help you find that perfect property. You can find the right professional by: The Joey Crews Team – Keller Williams Realty Group

1) Interviewing candidates. It may seem like a lot of work, but comparing different real estate agents from different agencies can quickly show you which agents you respond best to and which ones seem to offer the best service. Interviews also allow you to assess experience, education, and other factors important in a good real estate agent.

2) Checking qualifications and sales. Look for a real estate agent who has some experience and has been on the job long enough to have expertise in the area. Ideally, you want someone who has worked as an agent for years in the same area and has an impressive sales record. In every community, you will generally find a few agents who perform very well because they know what they are doing and are good at what they do. Look for these agents and check to make sure that no complaints have been filed about them with the State Board of Realtors.

3) Lining up personalities. Buying real estate is highly emotional, so it is important to find someone you are compatible with. Look for a real estate agent you can really communicate with. If your personalities do not match, you may feel that your real estate agent is not doing enough for you and your real estate agent may get frustrated that you are not placing any bids. Find someone that registers a high comfort level with you and you can avoid these problems.

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Kendall Partners Ltd – Fundamentals Explained

Did you ever see those late night TV commercials that promise you can make money in Real Estate without using any of your own money or credit? What they are going to teach you is wholesaling Real Estate. great post to read

What is Wholesaling?

It is simply this. You market for a motivated seller, get the property under contract, then sell your “rights” of that contract to another person for a fee. Typically the fee is an assignment fee, and ranges anywhere between $2,000 and $15,000. The fee depends on each deal, the market, and for how much the wholesaler got the property under contract.

Generally speaking, when you call one of these numbers you will be talking to wholesaler that is not going to actually “buy” the property, but will find someone else to buy the property. This may not be a bad thing for the property owner, because they are in a situation where they just need to get out of the property for whatever reason, and don’t really care who buys it.

Areas of Concern

Because the wholesaler is going to turn around and market his interest in the property to a cash buyers list, there is the possibility that the house may not get bought. This happens often, and unfortunately has given wholesalers a bad name.

This is often the result of many new people entering the “no money down” real estate investing game, and not knowing what they are doing. So they get a deal from a seller, and can’t find a cash buyer because it really wasn’t that good of deal in the first place. Either they didn’t get it a the right price, or their estimate on repairs is way off.

Things you can do to protect yourself.

If you find yourself in situation where you need to sell your house fast, and you call a wholesaler, there are few steps you can take to protect yourself.

Ask for a decent earnest money deposit. Most wholesalers are going to try to get the property under contract for $10 or less, so in the event that they can not find a cash buyer, then the most they are out is $10. I would ask for $1000 earnest money deposit. If it is good deal for them, then why wouldn’t they put up at least that much.

Ask how many deals they have done. A good wholesaler knows their numbers and they know how many deals they have done, and pride themselves on not backing out of a deal.

Ask for references.
Tying it all together.

So by now you should know what to expect when you respond to one of those “we buy houses” ads. Just like anything else there are good wholesalers, and there are bad wholesalers. Make sure you do your due diligence when selling your house, ask questions, and if you get gut feeling they are lying to you, or doing something shady, then don’t do business with them.

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Start Your Own Real Estate Investment Company

Related imageThere are so many questions that need to be answered before stepping into the world of real estate business. Most of the time, people get hung up on questions such as these: More about the author

  • What type real estate do I need to invest in?
  • What type of marketing do I need?
  • What type of strategy I am supposed to choose?

Asking the right questions

Actually, before you ask the questions listed above, you need to ask yourself some pertinent personal questions about the following:

  • Your skills and strengths
  • Your weaknesses
  • What you like to do
  • What you hate to do

Choosing Your Strategy

Once you’ve got the answers to those questions, the next step is to choose the right strategy. In order to do this, you will need a team of experts such as an accountant, lawyer, mortgage broker and etc. These experts will help you determine the value of your asset and aid you in maximizing your profits to the fullest.

Know the Reality of Your Investment

This is the time to have brutal honesty about your investment. Hard work and passion is required in every business, but when dealing with the real estate business, your drive for success may not be good enough. To kickstart your company, you may have to adapt to strategies that you are not passionate about.

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Adapt to Strategies and Backup Your Skill Set with Additional Help

Adapt any and all necessary strategies to help your business succeed. For example, if you wish to make a purchase but you cannot get a loan, you need to have a partner. Together, you both may qualify for a loan. You may also need to add someone to your team to lend your company a previously missing skill set. An example of this would be partnering with a seasoned investor. They know their way around they market and will act as a safety net for you if you are new to the business. By doing this, you lower your risk of failure.

Advertising Plan

Regardless of your strategy, you need to know how to advertise. Every investor of the real estate market has a basic plan for attracting leads. Remember this: without leads, you have no deals. To do this, you need to develop a realistic marketing budget. Do not forget that starting a real estate investment business is not everyone’s cup of tea. Remain self-aware and able to determine if your real estate investment company is floundering because of your natural ineptitude at the business.