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Fish tank or aquarium is not similar to lakes and rivers wherein marine life used to live as their natural habitats. Aquarium pumps allow the fish inside the aquarium to acquire the air they needed in order to live. Pumping forces the air by means of the special tube or another attachment in order to enhance the amount of air or oxygen within the water. The system normally adds bubbles or creates current or agitation in the water. It also aids in maintaining the PH levels inside the tank or aquarium. Have a look at Bonuses for more info on this.

The system which makes up air pumps includes the following accessories: T-piece, clamp or regulator, rubber tubing, diffusers and air pumping machine. There several forms of these which are accessible that appears in diverse sizes and shapes. Normally they are somewhat affordable.

Since many people regard the aquarium air pumps to be quite loud, an answer to the problem which was effective to others is to put the machine on top a sponge as they functioning. There are several other solutions; however the sponge is enough to do the job.

Things to consider:

Never put the pump inside the aquarium or immerse in water and buy a bigger model than what is essential for your aquarium; this will make it easier to append into your unit later on.

Two Types:

Battery powered- this is useful when there is outage or loss of power.

Electric air pumps – they are the most practical pumps, because it has many uses.

These following accessories are needed:

Check valve – this valve avoids water in going back into the air pump when you choose to put it underneath your aquarium water level specifically if there is electrical outage or every time the air pump stop to work.

Gang valve – this is used when you have one application in one air pump; hence, was not used as the substitute in the check valve if the device is placed under the water level.

Steps for setting up:

  1. Read the instructions always
  2. Take out from the box the air pump, tubing and check valve or gang valve
  3. Tubing must be cut into its required length. You might need extra portions cut when you use the gang or check valves.
  4. Put the pump in the preferred location and connect the needed valves.
  5. The pump should be placed inside the aquarium no matter what power you use.
  6. Ensure that everything is in its place and working accurately. Be sure to obey all safety measures listed in the instruction.
  7. Plug or turn on the device.

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