10 Tips To Select Best Cosmetic Dentist

It’s not easy to look for the right cosmetic dentist no matter how much you browse the web for dentistry articles. These articles tend to describe dental skills and experience, but good interpersonal skills also count. So here are some tips to make the search easier.DNA Dental: Dr. Darya Timin, DDS

  1. Do some research; cosmetic dentists may not be documented by association of dentists in your country. So look for licenses and certifications. Ask your friends if they can recommend a good dentist. At least one of them should be able to give a name.
  2. Consider the training the dentist has in cosmetic dentistry and find out if their degree is from one of the top dentistry schools. It’s not enough that they are a licensed dentist. Considerable skill and experience in cosmetic dentistry is vital.
  3. Have a dental examination. A good way to know if a dentist is any good is by asking for a dental examination, which is less expensive than any cosmetic procedure. This will allow you to determine whether the dentist is professional in dealing with you. It will also let you take a look at the office environment. Is it neat and tidy? Does the dentist seem well organized?
  4. Ask what could be done to your teeth for that perfect smile. Seasoned dentists will include all problems in your dentition and recommend a number of options. Cosmetic dentists should consider your facial bone structure and the shape of your lips and gums. They may suggest reconstruction, wearing braces or other options. See how well the dentist provides recommendations.
  5. How does the dentist approach you? It’s very important for dentists to be warm and friendly. There are many people who are afraid of dentists. Those who are friendly and nice can calm patients and make them feel more comfortable.
  6. Look at sample work done on previous clients. There is no better way to evaluate the skill and experience of a cosmetic dentist than to look at their portfolio.
  7. There should be no bad press about the dentist. Bad dental news about a dentist works against them. Consider dentists who maintain a good reputation.
  8. Consider the median cost. Inexperienced dentists tend to charge lower fees because they are building their practice. Well established ones can charge exorbitantly. Go for those who charge reasonable fees. You can find a dentist who will add a sparkle to your smile without turning your pockets inside out.
  9. Manage your expectations. The services you receive depend greatly on your budget. Do not expect too much if you are paying the lowest price point. You probably hear people complaining after a basic dental cleaning procedure that their teeth didn’t go white. A dental bleaching procedure is much more costly than a basic cleaning, and this procedure will not be done unless you specifically asked for it or your dentist advised it and you agreed.
  10. Ask who will do the procedure. Sometimes the dentist made you very comfortable during your initial appointment, but upon your second visit you are surprised to discover a different person installs the dental implants or applies braces. So ask who will be performing your procedures. If the dentist does not do the procedures, at least have them introduce you to the one who will.

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